Summer School participants will receive a 15% discount on official hostel fares. In order to benefit from the discount, bookings must be made directly through the hostel booking office by sending an e-mail to Please specify that you are a student of the Summer School in Languages and Linguistics of the Mediterranean.

Official Hostel fares
mixed rooms (4 or 6 beds)         € 22,00 per person per night
SINGLE ROOM:                      € 40,00 per night
PRIVATE ROOM (TWIN)          € 60,00 per room per night
PRIVATE ROOM (TRIPLE)       € 75,00 per room per night
PRIVATE ROOM (4 BEDS)        € 100,00 per room per night
PRIVATE ROOM (5 BEDS)        € 125,00 per room per night
PRIVATE ROOM (6 BEDS)        € 150,00 per room per night

All rooms have a private bathroom. Breakfast is included.
To stay at the Hostel Marina, you must have a Youth Hostel Membership card. If you already have one, please remember to bring it with you! If you don’t have one, the easiest thing to do is to purchase a membership card from your nearest Youth Hostel Association office or membership selling outlet before you start your journey. Alternatively, you can purchase International Membership when you arrive at the Hostel Marina at a cost of € 2.00 per night (payable for the first 6 nights). For more information, see the hostel page