From Latin to Romance varieties of Italy
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10:00 to 11:15
From 20-06-16 to 24-06-16

Italo-Romance varieties are sister languages to Standard Italian, arisen from local developments of Latin. The course will focus on the differences among dialects as well as on the way Latin became differentiated over time, to eventually result in the Italian dialect continuum (including Sardinian, which counts as a separate branch of the Romance family in many classifications). The individual units will address classification, selected topics from different structural components (including vowel length – unit 2 – and agreement phenomena, unit 5). Units 3 and 4 will zoom in on two case studies which diametrically differ in many respects: Sardinia, on the one hand, and Rome, on the other.

Preparatory readings

Loporcaro, M. 2013. Profilo linguistico dei dialetti italiani. Rome – Bari: Laterza [2nd edn.].

Maiden, M. & M. Parry, eds. 1997. The Dialects of Italy. London: Routledge.