English of the Mediterranean
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10:00 to 11:15
From 13-06-16 to 17-06-16

The course will illustrate the main contexts in which English has been adopted, in various ways and to different extents, in the Mediterranean area. Apart from mentioning the uses of English and its domains of employment in the main Anglophone regions of the Mediterranean area (Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus), as well as the sociolinguistic dynamics that the presence of English has triggered in the ecology of these communities, the course will offer a characterisation of the local varieties, and some considerations on the typological outlook of these Englishes and of the mixed varieties emerging from contact with local languages.

Tentative course schedule:

  1. The sociolinguistics of Mediterranean Englishes
  2. Contexts and constraints in the use of English
  3. Mediterranean Englishes: clines of varieties
  4. Characterisation of Mediterranean Englishes
  5. Mixed codes and Anglicization of L1 varieties