From Indo-European to Latin
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10:00 to 11:15
From 13-06-16 to 17-06-16

In the course “From Proto-Indo-European to Latin” the main innovating changes will be dealt that characterise Latin against its Indo -European background, at different levels of analysis. The course will be introduced by a survey of the documents that preserve Latin and their sociolinguistic evaluation (diatopic, diastratic, diaphasic)

Phonology: the accent, the vocalic system, the sonorants, the labio-velars, the aspirates, rhotacism, Lachmann’s law.

Morphology: the nominal case system and the different declensions, the verbal system and the different conjugations, residual nominal and verbal forms, prepositional phrases replacing cases, periphrastic forms replacing verbal synthetic forms, evaluative forms, adverbs.

Syntax: coordinative structures, subordination, nominal forms of the verb, word order.