Romance-based Creoles
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08:30 to 09:45
From 13-06-16 to 17-06-16

This course will give an introduction to Romance-based creole languages, for instance French-based Haitian Creole and Tayo, Portuguese-based Cape Verdean Creole varieties and Korlai, and Spanish-based Palenquero and Chabacano Creole varieties. We will place these Romance-based creoles both into a world-wide perspective of other-based creole languages and non-creole languages. The data will come from the Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures (Michaelis et al. 2013). We will try to determine which role the contributing languages, the substrates (i.e. the different languages of the slaves or laborers) and the lexifiers (i.e. the dialectal and nonstandard varieties of the colonial Romance languages), play in the process of creolization.