Both language description courses and linguistics courses will be held during the two weeks of the Summer School. See below for courses and instructors: also please check the schedule for week A and week B.

Linguistics courses

Morphology Prof. Greville Corbett
Syntax Prof. Giuliano Bernini
Language reconstruction and culture: results and limitations Prof. Gianguido Manzelli
Contact between Ancient languages of the Mediterranean Prof. Cyril Aslanov
From Indo-European to Latin Prof. Pierluigi Cuzzolin
From Latin to Romance varieties of Italy Prof. Michele Loporcaro
Romance-based creoles Prof. Susanne Michaelis
English of the Mediterranean Prof. Gabriella Mazzon

Language courses

Berber Prof. Amina Mettouchi
Maltese Prof, Michael Spagnol
Prof. Ray Fabri
Italian dialects: Abruzzese Prof. Roberta D’Alessando
Italian dialects: Piedmontese Prof. Davide Ricca
Turkish Prof. Gilles Authier